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CD: Interactivo: Goza Pepillo

CD: Interactivo: Goza Pepillo

Interactivo are based around five main stars: the pianist, composer, arranger, and bandleader Roberto Carcasses, the singer-songwriters Yusa and William Vivanco, the sonero and composer Francis del Rio and the Poetess and rapper Telmary Diaz. Backing them is a bunch of the best instrumentalists around today. Interactivo is one of the leading bands in the vanguard of the alternative movement of young music in today's Cuba, characterized by the fusion of the local and international music styles and the development of sophisticated, thought-provoking and socially aware lyrics.

After achieving outstanding success within the competitive musical world of the island and becoming a mass phenomenon, they now present their debut album Goza Pepillo, a fantastic collection of 14 tracks innovatively conceived and arranged that aims not only to show their high professionalism and creativity, but also to build a kind of bridge between the two banks of Cubanity, a round table for possibilities beyond the limits imposed by politics and politicians.

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