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Candido Fabre: Cubano Soy

Candido Fabre: Cubano Soy

Style: Son/Charanga | Publisher: Tumi | Code: | Year: 2006

Candido Fabre is one of Cuba's leading musicians and is considered one of the most versatile and ingenious soneros of Latin America. His improvisations have helped to build his reputation as an artist of great charisma and authenticity. He is also a prolific songwriter and his work has been performed in Cuba by Orquestra Aragon, Los Van Van, Manguare, Isaac Delgado, Celia Cruz and Oscar D'Leon. Candido has the phrasing and fire of a great salsa vocalist. His back up group features the flute and violin line-up of classic charanga, and the members of his group swing with elegance through some excellent arrangements in the finest tradition of charangas playing son

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