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Gift pack: Solidarity Membership

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Gift pack: New edition of ‘Rogue States’ by Noam Chomsky and a year’s membership of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Give a gift of CSC membership to a friend and they will receive a 15 track Cuban music CD, a Cuba Solidarity Campaign membership badge, a Che Guevara cotton bag and 4 issues of CubaSí quarterly magazine. Plus a new edition of ‘Rogue States’ by Noam Chomsky will be sent to you or the new member.

Membership gift packs can be sent directly to you or your friend.

£20 including p&p

1. Name and Address of new member

2. Your details

3. Would you like the membership pack and book sent to you or directly to the new member*

I would like the new members pack, book, and blank card sent to my address.

I would like the membership pack, book and card sent directly to the new member.

I would like the book sent to my address and the membership pack and card sent to the new member.

4. If the pack is being sent directly to your friend, please type the full wording of the message you would like to appear in the card in the box below.

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